Our Team

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Transparentem’s diverse team brings a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds, and operates in numerous countries. For security reasons, we do not disclose the identities of our team based outside the United States.


E ben
E. Benjamin Skinner
Founder and President
Ben orchestrates Transparentem’s teams as they deliver on its mission.
Tim S
Tim Sandler
Vice President of Investigations
Tim develops and oversees Transparentem’s global supply chain investigations and their byproducts.
Rachel J
Rachel Jackson
Vice President of Operations
Rachel manages Transparentem’s operations and implements its organizational strategy.
Andrew K
Andrew Korfhage
Interim Vice President of Strategic Engagement
Andrew builds and manages critical partnerships and facilitiates collaborative solutions to combat exploitative labor.

Strategic Engagement

Stuart Richardson
Industry Research Analyst
Stuart investigates corporate supply chains, structures, and social compliance policies, in addition to conducting due diligence research and analysis.
Samantha Rudick
Strategic Engagement Project Manager
Samantha develops strategies and works with partners for the remediation of human and labor rights violations in global supply chains.


Sheela H
Sheela Ahluwalia
Senior Labor Analyst
Sheela is the lead subject matter expert on human trafficking and child labor and leads supply chain investigations.
Chris B
Chris Brandt
Managing Editor
Chris edits Transparentem's reports and manages the drafting, review, and production process.
Sophie Broach
Sophie plans and coordinates investigations, analyzes data, conducts research, and writes reports on labor and environmental violations in global supply chains.
Tom MacMillan
Tom plans and coordinates investigations, analyzes data, conducts research, and writes reports on labor and environmental violations in global supply chains.
Jonathan Mead
Senior Environmental Analyst
Jonathan is the lead subject-matter expert on environmental issues and leads supply chain investigations.
Aram H
Aram Schvey
Deputy Vice President of Investigations
Aram manages Transparentem’s US-based investigative team and the execution of Transparentem's global supply chain investigations.

Operations and Administration

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 7.03.46 PM
Devereux Chatillon
Outside General Counsel
Devereux manages legal issues for Transparentem.
Daniel Cohn Headshot
Daniel Cohn
Director of Global Partnerships
Daniel leads Transparentem’s global partnerships, and supports the President and Board of Directors on external engagement and strategy.
Debbie L
Debbie Li
Director of Finance
Debbie directs Transparentem’s budgeting, financial, and accounting functions.
Luke S
Luke Olynyk
Grants Manager
Luke oversees Transparentem’s grants and ensures that funders are effectively and regularly informed regarding organizational performance.
Ellen S
Ellen Schwartz
Operations Associate
Ellen manages projects and provides support to Transparentem’s operations and finance team.

Board Members Include

Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez is the director of Open Society Foundations’ Human Rights Initiative. Previously, she established...
Dan Viederman
Dan Viederman is a Managing Director at the Working Capital Fund, focused on efforts to...
Neha Misra
Neha Misra, J.D., is the Senior Specialist for Migration and Human Trafficking at the Solidarity Center,...
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright is CEO of Stardust, a family office that oversees a dynamic portfolio of...