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Supply chain audit deception ‘common’ – report
21 October 2021
Audit deception is common in global apparel supply chains according to a new report from...
Migrant Workers in Malaysia’s Garment Sector Face Severe Exploitation
Sourcing Journal
5 October 2021
On Sept. 23, the Malaysian immigration department arrested a Bangladeshi garment factory owner, along with...
2021 Apparel and Footwear Benchmark Report
26 May 2021
Where labor rights abuses are identified at a subcontractor, it is important that remedy is...
A global call for full supply chain transparency in the clothing sector
Freedom Fund
15 April 2021
This week, the world remembers the Rana Plaza tragedy. On 24 April 2013 more than...
Mind the Gap: Migrant Workers Need Respect for Rights, Not Commitments on Paper
12 April 2021
In spring 2018, Transparentem, an NGO focused on investigating labor rights abuses, approached apparel companies...
Fashion, Xinjiang and the Perils of Supply Chain Transparency
The Financial Times
9 April 2021
Brandie Sasser, the vice-president of strategic engagement at Transparentem, a US non-profit that investigates environmental...
Civil society organisations call on policymakers to define meaningful supply chain reporting requirements
Frank Bold
22 March 2021
Corporate sustainability transparency is a complex issue, which requires a careful selection of meaningful reporting...
Du sang et des larmes sur les gants malaisiens
Le Monde Diplomatique
8 February 2021
En 2019, après des mois d’enquête et de pressions, l’ONG américaine Transparentem a obtenu 1,6...
Tannery Workers’ Pandemic Plight Highlights Need for Reform
The Business Standard
4 February 2021
Bangladesh's tannery workers are in financial crisis due to Covid-19, but exploitative working conditions are...
Out of Sight: A Call for Transparency from Field to Fabric
Fashion Revolution
8 October 2020
Supply chains in the global garment and textiles industry are long, complex, fragmented, continuously evolving...
Pay-to-play, pay-to-stay: the high cost of Indonesian apparel jobs
Thomson Reuters Foundation
29 September 2020
When Susi, a 25-year-old sewing operator in Indonesia, found work at a garment manufacturer in...
Sourcing from Myanmar Requires Extraordinary Due Diligence. Here’s Why
1 September 2020
As fashion brands and retailers begin to reset and reshape their supply chains as they...
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