When it no longer pays to pollute the environment

Just as the city corporations were about to lay down the shovels and pat themselves on the back for a job well done cleaning up all the qurbani waste, more appeared on the streets. Traders threw away reeking piles of hides, dumping them in public garbage spots (also known as sidewalks). The rawhide merchants’ association surmised that around Tk 100 crore worth of hides had to be thrown away during this Eid. Since the main message of this festival is to teach the value of an animal’s life, most practitioners take care not to waste even a single body part. All that can be consumed for sustenance, is done so, while the hooves and horns are ground into bone meal for fertilisers and poultry feed. The hides contribute to the second largest export industry of the country, i.e. leather and leather goods.