Decision to allow rawhide export delights merchants, disappoints leather entrepreneurs

The prices people get for cattle slaughtered on Eid-ul-Azha are “not reasonable” and the latest government decision aims to ensure that they get the fair price, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi says. Wholesalers and merchants have welcomed the decision with the hope that they will not have to depend only on the tanners to sell rawhide. The decision will threaten the leather, leather products, and footwear industry as rawhide export will make the raw material less available in the domestic markets, fear those involved with the trade.

Half the cattle slaughtered in Bangladesh throughout the year are sacrificed during Eid. Muslims have slaughtered around 125 million cattle this Eid, according to a government estimate.

Wholesalers buy the rawhide and skin of sacrificial animals from seasonal traders and sell these to tanners.