Use of tannery waste in animal feed

In a bid to save the River Buriganga from severe pollution, tanneries were relocated to Savar from Hazaribagh amidst huge public outcry and growing protests from the green campaigners. The consequences of such relocation had been ironic as the waste generated in Savar Tannery Estate has been contaminating the Dhaleshwari and polluting Savar and adjacent areas since its inception. What is more alarming is that tannery waste collected from the relocated Savar Tannery Estate is being used for producing poultry and fish-feed. Moreover, the production of poultry and fish feed from tannery waste contaminated with toxic chemicals such as chromium and cadmium is causing serious air pollution in Savar’s Bhakurta and adjacent areas. Hence, immediate steps should be taken to stop use of poisonous tannery waste in poultry feed and in this regard relevant authorities must pull down all feed firms that use toxic tannery wastes as the raw material.