Forced Labour Investigation Drives Change

An investigation conducted into the working conditions of Malaysian garment workers by US NGO Transparentem has uncovered evidence that some… employees manufacturing clothes for major retailers were working in conditions which included forced labour.

Transparentem takes the lid off on workers’ abuse in Malaysian garment factories

The rising awareness amongst brands, end-users and workers notwithstanding, news of labour abuse keeps emerging from various manufacturing destinations from… time to time. One such development to hit the headlines recently has been that of alleged abuse of workers employed in some Malaysian garment factories that supply to a host of globally renowned names.

Quiet approach allows US NGO to improve lives of workers in Malaysian factories

A New York-based non-profit organisation that investigates labour and environmental abuses has helped Malaysian factories improve their treatment of migrant… workers. These factories are involved in making items ranging from clothes to shoes for famous western companies like Target, Nike and Fruit of the Loom. The Guardian reported that an 18-month investigation by the NGO, […]

NGO’s softly-softly tactics tackle labor abuses at Malaysia factories

The 18-month investigation unearthed serious abuses at five apparel factories in Malaysia – hundreds of migrant workers had paid illegal… recruitment fees that sometimes exceeded a year’s pay, while four of the factories retained the workers’ passports, turning them into forced laborers unable to quit.