Dumping tannery wastes in Dhaleswari continues

Tannery factories at Hemayetpur, Savar, on the outskirts of the capital, are still dumping untreated wastes in the Dhaleswari River. Shahanaz Begum, who lives at Jhauchar, Hemayet pur near the Tannery Industrial Park said that the whole area had been polluted by dumping untreated wastes in the Dhalesawri River. She said that the pollution was a threat to public health with many people suffering skin diseases and breathing problems. Alamgir Hossain of the same village said that the Dhaleswari waters became highly polluted and unusable.
‘Our repeated complaints fell on the authorities’ deaf ears,’ said Alamgir.
The government relocated the tanneries from Hazaribagh in the capital to Savar to save the already polluted Buriganga from getting further polluted.
In 2003, the government took the Tk 1,078.71crore project for the construction of the Tannery Industrial Park at Savar.
Tk 477 crore was allocated for setting up of the CETP and the construction of a dumping yard.
At a public hearing at Savar on Wednesday the affected villagers asked the authorities to take pragmatic steps to stop the pollution.